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Vivian Maier- Street Photographer


I love these kinds of stories. The stories where an amazing person and there talents are discovered after they have passed away. There are so many painters and writers and musicians who were undiscovered until someone found there work and recognized its greatness. This story is similar. The woman was a closet street photographer, living out her days as a nanny in Chicago. But her photography tells us a different story. Her photography tells us the person she really was, and possibly who she aspired to be. I love the focus of her work, using everyday experiences as her inspiration and everyday people as her subjects. Most of the photos that have been discovered were taken in around the 1950’s with, from what I can tell from the self-portraits, a box camera. This makes the photos even more precious because although they may seem like she just took photographs on the street without thought, the clarity and juxtaposition of each photo makes it clear that she put thought and effort into each shot. Clearly this was Vivian’s passion, and she was great at it. Unfortunately, she was not able to share her passion and art with those around her. That is, until now. Photography, specifically 35mm black and white film like these shots, is one of my personal passions and I am glad that someone discovered Maier’s work, because not only is it amazing but it also encourages me to continue to create photography as a hobby. Who knows? One day someone may discover my work as well!

Vivian Maier Photography