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Creative Sculpting 101


Ok, so this guy is not exactly the 101 type of artist, and by that I mean that his work is much more complicated than any 101 class could ever teach. Ray is a sculptor from New York who creates intricate sculptures, of which some of his most famous are the pumpkin carvings. He also does sand sculptures and action figure sculptures. What makes him the most interesting is his style.

Carving pumpkins is a tradition that people have upheld since forever, and the traditional pumpkin carving style has always pretty much been the same. Ray, however, challenges the traditional style by creating unique faces not my cutting into them but by carving into the skin of the pumpkin. By sculpting the pulp of the pumpkin, he can create the effect that the pumpkin is a malleable surface, and in turn make the sculptures look much more realistic.



I think that his sculptures are very innovative and fun, and they break the traditional “pumpkin carving rules”. The only thing that I dont like about these pumpkins is that they dont last forever, and so you can only enjoy the real ones for a small amount of time!

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