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Not Sleeping Might Cost You


Many people spend more than the required time at work every day. Not to mention that after they leave for home, many people spend more time reflecting on a situation at work or thinking of the workload they have ahead of them in future days. These stresses from work may cause some people to either sleep less or have trouble getting to sleep at night. Funny thing is, studies show that this turns into a vicious circle because working on less or poorer quality sleep will actually cost you financially. Here are some stats from The Week “By the Numbers”:

Days the average worker loses to insomnia each year

Estimated cost of that insomnia, in lost productivity, per worker

50-70 million
Estimated number of American employees who report being impaired during the day due to poor sleep

$63.2 billion
Cost of that lost productivity for the nation as a whole

Percentage of U.S. workers sleep-deprived due to insomnia

Percentage of workers 65 and older with insomnia

Percentage of working men with insomnia

Percentage of working women with insomnia

Percentage of insomnia among workers with a high school education

Percentage of insomnia among workers who dropped out of high school

Percentage of insomnia among workers with a college degree

Percentage of insomniacs on medication or in behavioral therapy

Annual cost of sleep-aid medication

Annual cost of sleep behavior modification therapy

$40 billion
Amount Americans spend on coffee each year

Number of full-time employees surveyed for the study

I think these numbers speak for themselves. It is alarming how much sleep can effect productivity and in result, effect our income. In a society where we must strive to do the best we can in a failing economy these numbers can mean a lot. This study does not specify if they conducted the survey over many different careers and jobs, but I can assume that this does not just effect people who work at a desk job or someone with that type of profession. I would assume that this can effect creative professions as well, and because creative careers make there money by what they produce alone, this article should be of great interest to them. The bottom line? Although you think you may be getting ahead by staying up late and working through the night, in the long run you might actually be effecting your productivity and in turn lowing your income by a significant amount.