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“Rufus… SHAKE!”


I ran into these pictures today and I thought they were so clever! This photographer, Carli Davidson, took photographs of dogs and cats in mid “shake”. I find this both amusing and interesting. Amusing because of the funny faces she was able to capture using what I presume to be a very high shutter speed but interesting because who would ever think to try and capture such a thing? When we think of famous photographers we think of very planned out and deliberate landscapes or portraits, never simple animal instincts! Although portraying real life as real as possible is the way many photographers try to shoot these days. When I found these photographs I found them very playful and imaginative and I applaud Davidson for thinking outside the box and creating such intriguing photographs!

SHAKE Photographs


Mimic Octopus


Today I found this video about the “mimic” octopus. I found this video to be very interesting especially because I had never seen anything like it before, well besides a chameleon. It was so amazing how the octopus transforms itself into pretty much any sea animal for survival. I still wonder how it knows which camouflage is the best for what situation and how it learns to transform. I found this also to be relatable to life in a society like ours because as I mature, I have found that we as people tend to see the “safest” ways to survive and thrive in our society and many of us use this knowledge to thrive if not advance within it. Hmmm… Strange how similar animals seem to actually be even though we seem so different.

Video Here