DIY slippers!

I love these! Since it is soon to be xmas again and I have found myself in a very crafty mood i feel it is very fitting to blog about another do it yourself gift for someone special. These easy to make slippers are great for last minute gifts as long as you have the materials. I think these are a great thing to have on hand just in case you need a last minute gift for a mother or cousin. So cute and affordable!

Stephanie’s Sewn Felt Slipper

Inspired by moccasins, each of these slip-ons is constructed from a single piece of felt, available in an array of colors.

Tools and Materials

  • Slipper Template
  • 18-by-18-inch piece of 3-millimeter wool felt,
  • Chalk pen or pencil
  • Thread, such as silk or heavy-duty polyester
  • Sewing supplies

Sewn Felt Slippers How-To

  1. Print slipper template. Enlarge or reduce template so it’s the length of the sole of a flat shoe the recipient wears. Cut accordingly. Trace template outline onto felt with chalk pen. Cut out slipper and T-shaped slit, following template.
  2. Fold felt in half lengthwise, and stitch around the toe and open side, leaving the shorter heel edge open.
  3. Pinch heel closed, then sew from the top of the heel down. Leave 1/2 inch open for smaller sizes and 1 inch for larger sizes. Cut into the felt (1/2 inch for small sizes, 1 inch for large ones) to create a flap at the heel as shown, below center. A small flap of fabric should be left sticking out.
  4. Tuck tag in, then sew shut. Turn slipper inside out.
  5. Round off the tag with scissors, fold up, then sew to outside of slipper.
  6. Fold the cuff at the ankle, then sew cuff edge to slipper. (To accommodate a wider foot, trim a deeper curve along the top of the opening.)
  7. When sewing your second slipper, remember to flip felt so your T-shaped slit is on the opposite side.

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