Haunting History- New Orleans


I have always been attracted to historical sights and objects. That being said, when I came across this web page I was hooked. This website featured pictures of what is left of the Six Flags- New Orleans, after it has been shut down for almost a decade. The pictures showed an array of different images, ranging from eerie dark roller coasters to bright, color edited buildings. It was interesting to sift through the pictures and see how different editing tools can effect the mood of the photo. Although the site was very run down and had a sad, creepy tone to it in the most realistic photos, some photographers played with color to make the site seem as though it was not abandoned at all, and some accomplished this quite successfully. I really like this photography because I myself have gone out and shot abandoned scenes and so I can relate to this experience and know that it is one I fully enjoyed. It gives you an adrenaline rush and possibly spooks you a little, but at the same time you want to try to place yourself in the moment of the site’s prime of life, and its fun to learn about and explore the area, it really pulls you in. One last thing I enjoyed about this photography is that it features the destruction on Hurricane Katrina and what effects that natural disaster also had on the abandoned theme park. 

Photography Website Here


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